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Baby Blanket, Personalized

Baby Blanket, Personalized


Welcome your little ones with this personalized birth announcement blanket that commemorates their 1st day! With personalization of all your baby's birth info, this baby blanket creates a wonderful heirloom they'll always enjoy even when they've grown up.


Numerous other items can also be embroidered, i.e. tea towels, table cloths, clothing, etc.  Please contact me for pricing and availability details.


Note: Blankets to be supplied by customer


(If it is not convenient, or you simply do not have the time to purchase the baby blankets that you would like to have embroidered, please call me at 867-333-4394 and we can discuss the details regarding the kind of blanket you need, i.e. size, colour, etc., and they can be provided.  Of course, the cost of the towels will be added to your payment price.)